Aircraft Selection and Customization

Built for you to support ANY mission

If you don't already have an aircraft - even better. We have in-depth knowledge of all of the available platforms and have experience in the selection, transaction, and modification process. Whether purchasing a new BBJ, modifying a B777 into a head-of-state transport, converting a freighter or combi, or reconfiguring an A320 into a all-J-class corporate shuttle, we can work with you to locate and build the asset that can fly your mission on your budget.


No Limits

Mission-built aircraft to serve any purpose



Technically, any aircraft with 20 or more passenger seats or >6,000 LB payload can be operated under 125, but the most common platforms are B737, B757, B767, B777, A319, A320, A321, and MD-80. JTOMS will evaluate your operational requirement and budget to assist in selecting the right equipment for your mission. Economy, range, performance, frequency, and payload can be further refined by modification.


Configuration / Interior

All-business class, lie-flats, multi-class, VIP with staterooms and galleys - the only limits are your imagination. We can guide the process of outfitting your aircraft for sports team transport, luxury VIP, corporate transportation, or even palletized cargo.


Expert Guidance

Since we will be operating your aircraft for you, there's nobody other than you more vested in selecting the right equipment for the mission than us. Our experienced technical team will guide you through the acquisition process from selection & inspection, through closing, modification, certification, and induction.