Powered by Experience

Powered by Jet Test

Nobody in the field has more operating experience and resources than Jet Test. With over 20 years of worldwide flight operations, our crews, trip planning, dispatch, fleet/crew management, and flight support team is second to none. We've flown everywhere and faced every challenge. Think of us as an International Airline in a "box".


Global Operations Simplified

What sets Jet Test OMS apart from other certificate management companies or in-house management, is our ability to utilize our in-house flight operations resources in support of your flight ops needs. When you select us to manage, crew, and operate your aircraft, all of your flights are operated and supported by over 20 years of international flight ops experience, highly qualified, dedicated crews, back-up and reserve roster support, a corporate travel agency, FAA licensed dispatchers, and an operations team that regularly conducts flights into and between 6 continents. Where others need to subcontract their resources - Jet Test already has them on the payroll supporting Jet Test and Transport, the largest aircraft delivery operator in the world.


Professional In-House Crews

Primary and Reserve Crew-Compliment, FAA ATPs with high time and international airline and non-scheduled operations experience, first rate training and requalification, dedicated scheduling and mission flexibility worldwide


At Your Service

24/7 Dispatch Reliability and Scheduling Support, Multiple aircraft readiness and roster options, on-the-fly trip planning and itinerary changes.

Planning & Dispatch

Departure, Arrival, & Overflight Permits, Ground Handling and VIP Transport Arrangements, Supplemental Travel, Flight Planning, Fuel Procurement, Customs, and Flight Following

Airplane Above the Clouds

Line/Flight Maintenance and Engineering

Dedicated on-site daily/weekly line maintenance, flight mechanic with field maintenance capability, spares and AOG support, custom utilization-focused maintenance planning

Aircraft Hanger