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AOC Management and Flight Ops Team

When a business jet is too small, and you need heavy-lift, the infrastructure and operations become far more complex. Jet Test OMS is a one-stop, flexible, and economical solution to manage and operate your aircraft on YOUR terms without the headaches of running a small airline.


Operating Certificate Management Program

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Private Aircraft Management

Part 125 Overview

Jet Test OMS caters to LARGE aircraft operations. If your needs include operating an aircraft with a seating capacity of greater-than 19 passengers or a payload of 6,000 LBS or more - We are here for you. Smaller corporate jets can operate under Part 91 or 135 and Jet Test OMS does not currently service smaller aircraft.

Part 125 regulations govern the operation of "Large" aircraft when "Common Carriage" is not involved. Passenger and Cargo may be carried, and certain commercial activities are permitted. Jet Test OMS will work with the Federal Aviation Administration on your behalf to acquire the required operating certificate and staff the required management  and operations positions to operate in accordance with the certificate provisions and limitations. 

Jet Test OMS will provide two parallel service tiers to support an aircraft owner’s Part 125 Certificate: Fixed Cost Services and Variable Cost Services. The fixed cost services pertain to the formation, certification, and management of the operating certificate; and the variable-cost items relate to flight operations. 

Fixed Cost Services

Certificate Management

Managing your certificate means that our expert team will oversee and manage the application process from start to finish, so that they can ultimately effectively conduct the operations to be in compliance with regulatory oversight, as well as maximize operational efficiency. 

Details include flight operations and maintenance manuals, operating procedures, initial and recurrent training, maintenance program including low utilization operator-specific programs, airworthiness compliance, cockpit and cabin crew scheduling and management, and aircraft logistics management. 

Jet Test OMS will completely manage this for an economical monthly cost to enable your operation to function without the cost and hassle of hiring your own flight department.

Variable Cost Services

Your Own Private Airline

With a large, capable, intercontinental aircraft, it’s not often as simple as get-in-and go. Jet Test OMS is powered by Jet Test and Transport, the world’s largest and busiest commercial aircraft delivery company. Jet Test facilitates the worldwide movement of over 250 commercial airliners annually on lease and transactional flight operations projects. 

Our in-house cockpit crews are typed and current on the following types: B737-CL and NG (BBJ), B747, B757, B767, B777, A319/20/21 (ACJ), A330, A340, A350, E-170, E-190, DC-9/MD80, and DHC-8/Q400. We can provide a 2-Crew (4 Pilot) 24/7 duty rotation on B737, B757, B767, B777, & A320 for up to two Part 125 flight departments simultaneously without any scale-up, and can expand our resources as needed to support short and long-term contracts worldwide.

Our 24/7 Calgary and Philadelphia-based in-house planning and dispatch team is equipped with experienced dispatchers and trip planners that coordinate multiple simultaneous worldwide flight ops, and manage the procurement of overflight permits, customs clearances, ground handling, contract fuel, and AOG services, all without a reliance on 3rd party resources. 

Only with Jet Test OMS, do you get the support of an international flight department without the need to contract or hire a dedicated team. Most corporate flight departments have to contract these services out at a cost-multiple of what OMS can provide, because our resources are already retained and in-use with Jet Test and Transport operations.